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Iquant-Modelon strategic partnership

Iquant Consulting and Modelon signed a strategic alliance to offer through Digital Twins the right Predictive Maintenance for power plants and energy infrastructure.

The partnership combines Iquant Consulting's intelligent asset management platform, which processes simulation data to predict failure modes with great clarity and certainty, with Modelon's technology, which accurately models physical systems.

For a stronger predictive maintenance solution, Iquant Consulting and Modelon have formed a strategic partnership to combine their respective expertise in asset management and physical systems simulation. Together, the two companies bring decades of experience with leading energy brands in the Americas.

Modelon's technology accurately models physical systems, enabling analysis of a real asset, including fluid dynamic behavior, heat transfer and mechanical dynamics. This complements Iquant Consulting's asset health platform, which processes simulation data to predict failure modes with high clarity and certainty.

Iquant Consulting will deliver multiple pilot projects using Modelon Impact, Modelon's cloud-based system simulation platform, in combination with PRODIGIO, Iquant Consulting's predictive maintenance platform. Each pilot project will consist of a comprehensive solution that includes licensing and training on both platforms, as well as designated experts from Modelon and Iquant Consulting.

"For Iquant Consulting to collaborate with Modelon as a partner is to have one of the big players of the coming years in terms of technological revolution. Their physics-based system simulation projects are extremely innovative and of a level that can compete with anyone. This works perfectly with our knowledge of industrial operations, our innovative drive and the needs of our customers that exist in the maintenance area to have early warnings of failures. We are here to offer one of the best solutions in the market for asset health monitoring." said Cristian Solis Calderon, Partner at Iquant Consulting.

This agreement is available to companies worldwide starting today. Companies will experience a solution through Gemelo Digital that is comprehensive for predictive maintenance and asset management. This includes discovering and forecasting the most relevant failure modes of these critical assets, quantifying the effectiveness of maintenance tasks over time to improve asset performance, helping the customer build physical models for the assets.

"Modelon is excited about our partnership with Iquant Consulting. We know that Modelon Impact can significantly improve innovation in industrial systems engineering, from the design phase through implementation and maintenance. Iquant Consulting brings expert domain knowledge and a track record of success in delivering digital twin solutions for its commercial clients. Together we can advance the benefits of system simulation within the energy industry," said David Higbie, commercial director at Modelon.

  • About Iquant Consulting:

Iquant Consulting is a leading consulting and solutions provider in over 10 countries for SAP implementation for asset management across a wide range of industries and locations. Equipped with an expert consulting team, Iquant Consulting has delivered +200 EAM projects for predictive maintenance, asset reliability and more.

  • About Modelon:

Modelon is a Swedish company offering simulation and system modeling software aimed at accelerating product innovation, development and operations in companies on a global scale. Modelon's flagship product, Modelon Impact, is a cloud-native system simulation software platform featuring a collaborative browser-based interface and thousands of proven models and components covering a wide range of applications.


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