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Digital Twins

Digital Twins is a concept present in today's technology, which was first interpreted in the 1960's by NASA, when they developed an "Emulation Technology" to simulate systems used in space, which were important during the Apollo 13 mission. Then in the 2000's this concept was applied by Dr. Michael Grieves, who proposed a life cycle management center with a physical and a virtual representation of the element in question.

Today, more and more companies are implementing Digital Twins within their Assets, as are some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial firms of the moment. It is observed that by the year 2026 the international market for this service will reach a value of US$ 48,200,000,000,000.

To implement Digital Twins, different data has to be collected, both from the object and what is around it, in this way it can begin to shape the creation of these models, which represent the behaviors or states of the physical object.

One of the companies that today provides the implementation service of Digital Twins and are specialists, is Iquant Consulting, which has more than 20 years in the field of Asset Management, which, when applied have the following advantages:

Here is an infographic in Spanish and English that tries to show a little of the failure modes that are solved, this application of Digital Twins is oriented to a renewable energy plant (solar).

Infografía Inglés
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