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At Iquant we are committed to carrying out correct maintenance in order to meet the objectives in the different areas of the industry:

Electricity Generation and Distribution

The generation and distribution of electrical energy consists of transforming any type of energy into electrical energy and making it reach the different power plants and homes.


Oil and Petrochemicals


Petrochemistry is the branch of chemistry which studies the transformation of Raw oil (Petroleum) and the natural gas in useful products or raw materials. These petrochemical products they have become an essential part of today's chemical industry around the world.

Metals, Forestry, Mining

Mining is an economic activity of the primary sector when we refer to the extraction of minerals, and of the energy sector if we refer to the extraction of fossil fuels. It consists of the exploitation or extraction of minerals.
Forestry companies are dedicated to activities or pursuit of economic purposes to satisfy the needs of the forest products market, while ensuring the continuity of the commercial structure as well as its investments.


Agribusiness, Food, Pharma and Retail


Agroindustry, intensive agriculture, agribusiness or agroextractivism, is the economic activity that is dedicated to the production, industrialization and marketing of agricultural, livestock, forestry and other natural biological resources.
The pharmaceutical industry is a business sector dedicated to the manufacturing, preparation and marketing of medicinal chemical products for the treatment and also the prevention of diseases.

Water and Sanitation

The water industry andSanitation is the set of techniques that allows for the hygienic elimination of solid waste, excreta and wastewater, to have a clean and healthy environment.


Construction and Infrastructure


Construction and infrastructure development have been a cornerstone of society and have increased our standard of living for centuries. 
Demand for modern construction and infrastructure is increasing as global living standards improve, expectations change and new technologies emerge.
The construction and development of infrastructure literally shapes our world. With this responsibility in mind, public and private sector organizations that drive this critical industry face many unique business challenges, such as:

  • Disruptions in the supply chainI

  • ​New and emerging technologies

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