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Accompanying industries in maintenance management and its transformation towards smart asset management. 
Two decades of experience understanding problems and deploying solutions.


Efficient Maintenance execution and Mobility solutions

Identification of pain points in the operational process and the flow of maintenance information is essential for continuous improvement, applying innovative tools, standards and recommended methodologies.

Asset Strategy and Reliability Management

The continuous evaluation of the performance and reliability of the assets allows the use of the most convenient maintenance techniques in each case, increasing availability and reducing costs.

Internet of things and Predictive Maintenance

The consolidation of asset information on a unique platform allows monitoring of their condition, and it is the starting point to approach  predictive maintenance based on machine learning

Project Management in the Asset Life Cycle

Using agile and efficient technological solutions, the fulfillment of objectives and milestones within budget is facilitated, for equipment commissioning and major maintenance projects.

Safety & Environment in Asset Manegement

Asset management requires a comprehensive approach to Safety, considering risks in the area, work permits, authorizations for performers and accident / incident management.


About Us


EAM Projects

Leading specialists in asset management. Designing and implementing solutions in multiple industries together with SAP.



Leaders in Latin America in the implementation of SAP for Asset Management. With capabilities in different industries and locations.



The satisfaction and support of our customers is our best credential. Available to anyone who wants to consult.



Maintenance and Service [PM]
Asset Reliability [ASPM]
Predictive Maintenance [PAI-PdMS]
Collaboratibe Platforms [AIN]

Analytics & Dashboards [SAC]
Mobility [SAM] [WM]
Advanced Scheduling [MRS] [FSM]
Safety and Incidents [EHSM]
Project Portfolio [PS] [PPM]
Linear Assets [LAM]
Georeference of Assets [GEF]

We are different

Specialization makes the expert. Iquant has accumulated extensive experience in Asset Management processes along multiple industries. Today is the best prepared integrator in Latin America to accompany companies into Asset Management 4.0.

The Digital Transformation in Asset Management offers multiple opportunities for cost reduction and maximization of equipment availability. However, it requires a multidisciplinary approach (on premise + cloud + IoT + data science + ISO standard) and a consistent roadmap.

Iquant is the facilitator of a digital transformation journey towards Industry 4.0



Iquant accompanied Tenaris, the world leader in the manufacture of seamless tubes, in the evolution of its corporate Maintenance system, globally. New functionalities were incorporated into its Maintenance SAP [PM]. The strategic analysis of equipment and spare parts criticality to determine optimal stocks, the management of lock-out and tag-out [WCM], and the planning and certification of external maintenance service providers were improved..

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