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IQ - Predictive

Intelligent asset management

SAP offers an integrated platform to digitize and transform the business towards a culture of innovation.

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SAP Predictive Asset Insights

The PAI component allows managing predictive maintenance of assets

Collect and analyze sensor data from equipment and predict malfunctions.

Launch preventive countermeasures that trigger service or maintenance orders.

Optimize the performance of assets with a closed maintenance and service cycle.

Create digital twins of industrial processes based on real data and predictive engineering analysis.

Main capabilities:

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Support for decision making in Asset Management

  • Advanced analytics to support decisions

Indicators and analysis that support maintenance execution and strategic decisions

  • Intuitive and scalable Machine Learning

Machine learning for maintenance professionals… “machine learning for everyone…”

  • Condition Monitoring Rules and Alerts

Definition and management of rules in a simple and agile way to trigger alerts, emails and notices in SAP-PM  under certain conditions

  • Simulation-based digital twins

Combine IoT information in engineering simulation systems to predict operational performance

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