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Iquant has a team of professionals that is highly skilled and prepared to efficiently deliver high quality maintenance services.


  • Maintenance of implementations (corrective): This  service is aimed at solving problems and occurrences that appear after the implementation of the module.

  • Development of special applications (enhancements): These are minor improvements aimed at adding new functionalities to the system or enhancing those that are in place and can be simplified for better use.


Iquant offers two different contracting alternatives for application maintenance services:


  • Outsourcing on-site: Iquant specialists work in the client’s offices.

  • Outsourcing off-site: Iquant specialists offer  remote maintenance services.


When is SAP support required?

The support and problem resolution stage starts immediately after the implementation of the system. During a few weeks the implementation team is usually responsible for the problems resolution. Once the post-implementation stage is finished, we recommend that the companies set up an application maintenance team to ensure that the implemented system is working properly and all the corrective actions are taken.


When these services are carried out by third parties, it is possible to have a specialized team who offers a more efficient support, with no need to deviate the attention of the resources of the company.


Maintenance of SAP-PM


The SAP Plant Maintenance module usually has a significant number of users and many incidents are detected when the utilization of the system is intensified. This situation requires a support team with the necessary skills to rapidly respond to the users in an efficient manner.


Unlike other operational areas, the use of the system is not strictly necessary for the day to day Plant Maintenance operations. Consequently many times users abandon the system when they find errors. This problem has the potential of severely diminishing the long term benefits of the system, making it crucial to have an efficient solution in place that can rapidly identify and respond to these situations.


The creation of an historic data base with the equipment failures and repairs that support the decisions of the maintenance operation is one of the core benefits of a maintenance system. With a limited use of the system, the creation of this historic data base may be at risk.


The application maintenance services need a smaller quantity of professionals when these are expert in the module and understand the business processes. Generally, the maintenance users give very little information about problems occurring with the system post implementation, making it critical that the maintenance team understand the typical issues and are capable of identifying and solving the incidences.


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