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Project Management with SAP-PS

The module PS module of SAP is used for Project Management, and offers significant benefits in expenses tracking and budgetary control.


The PS (Project System) module may be used for:


  • Budgeting of Major Maintenance

  • Expenses follow-up and control in Major Maintenance

  • Budget control in ordinary Maintenance Expenses

  • Budget control in other areas expenses

  • Budgeting of Engineering Projects

  • Expenses follow-up and control in Engineering Projects


Iquant has designed a solution for the integration of PS module with the modules where the expenses are originated: MM module (Material Management) and PM module (Plant Maintenance).


A correct integration allows making a constant follow-up and monitoring of budget, planned expenses, commitment and actual expenses.

Production Management with SAP-PP

SAP has a highly integrated Production Planning module, which includes functionality such as: capacity planning, process control, machine scheduling and material requirements planning (MRP). Integration with the other modules (MM, FICO, HR, SD) adds on to reliability of the production planning.


SAP PP module is a very effective tool for production planning. Since it gives many alternatives, it must be configured correctly to reach optimum utilization.


Iquant offers their consulting services to verify the system configuration and suggest improvements to the module setup if necessary.




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