Innovative Solutions

Iquant is constantly searching for better solutions to offer to its clients. In this way, alliances have been made with other companies that design and develop innovative solutions for SAP-PM.







Founded in 1998, Prometheus Group sets the standard for innovative business solutions solving complex issues with simple, reliable processes.  Leveraging SAP functional and technical expertise, Prometheus Group allows companies to increase productivity while reducing costs.


The Prometheus Group suite of products is focused on helping SAP customers enhance their planning and scheduling capabilities.  Iquant and Prometheus have closed a commercial alliance for the Latin American Market.


To know more about Prometheus Group and their suite of products, you can enter the Prometheus Group website.

Iquant tools

Iquant has developed some tools to facilitate the use and comprehension of some of the functionality offer in the SAP-PM module.


These tools are offered by Iquant for free and non-cost use by users and IT references of companies that use SAP-PM.  To request a user for login, please contact


Maintenance Plan's Simulation Tool


The objective of this tool is to simulate a SAP-PM Maintenance Plan behavior, and verify the result of combining the scheduling parameters and the work order's compliance.


This tool shows in a time-line the planned work orders, their call date, and allows moving forward and backwards within the time-line.   You can simulate an early or late completion, and understand the impact in the following plan calls.


To enter the simulation tool, click here.


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