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Digital Twins

The platform we offer is called PRODIGIO Iquant Dynamic Digital Simulation, where the Software is offered as a Failure Prediction Service, being able to implement this methodology in critical assets of the plant and contract it annually. So you do not need to pay for licensing to install on a company server or have a person trained to manage the platform, we take care of that.

If you want we can meet and clear some doubts, such as:

  • What are we looking to solve

  • Our solution

  • Why PRODIGIO Model-Driven?

  • PRODIGIO Architecture

  • Assets where PRODIGY is recommended

  • Case Study: Digital Twin in Solar Farms

  • PRODIGIO Implementation Model

Assets where PRODIGY is recommended:

Head exchangers

Heat transfer and fluid dynamics are present in PRODIGIO, so you can predict fouling and wear of mechanical components.


Renewable Farms

Useful for repetitive assets that contain a large amount of sensing but are not used for maintenance management, examples include solar panels and wind turbines.

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