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SAP offers an integrated platform to digitize and transform the business towards a culture of innovation

The extension of S/4 Asset Management in the same workplace

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A native application with a focus on next-generation User Experience.

Opera Online and Offline, solving the synchronization with the SAP Cloud in a natural way.

Technology for capturing and accessing information such as QR Code Reading and Extended Reality.

Cloud architecture with SDKs for IOS and Android for rapid deployment and updating.

Notice Processing

  • View by list or on map. Search, filter or create new.

  • Change or confirm notice details.

  • Add items, tasks, activities and reminders.

  • Add documents.

  • Support start or end stop or malfunction.

  • Create Orders from a team or technical location.

  • Notification support.


Order display

Screenshot 2023-03-14 112755.png
Screenshot 2023-03-14 113107.png
  • View by list or on map. Search, filter or create new.

  • Change or confirm order details.

  • View and navigate to computers

  • View technical locations.

  • View related notices.

  • View and add documents.

  • View operations and suboperations.

  • Production Resource Tools support.

  • Inspection circuit in a consolidated form.

  • Weather/PM Notifications.

  • Capture Start and End Time of Order.

  • View and Add Parts.

  • Dispatch and return of materials.

  • Management of serial parts.

  • Online search for parts.

  • Online Inventory Viewing.

  • Add parts of a BOM

  • View or Edit Linear Asset Data (LAM)

  • List of Objects.

Equipment and technical locations

  • View by list or on map. Search, filter.

  • Hierarchical display and search control.

  • Equipment guarantees, Equipment BOM.

  • Install and Uninstall.

  • Measurement Points: quick access

  • Work Order History.

  • Related Notices.

  • View and Edit Features and Ratings.

  • View and contact Business Partners.

  • Dynamic forms supporting ASPM checklists.

  • View and add documents.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 120742.png
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