EAM systems

EAM challenges


The information technology systems have a particular maturity cycle which requires time and dedication so that the tool is adopted by the organization, its true potential is discovered and the benefits are maximized.

In some cases, it could potentially take years until a corporative system efficiently supports the operation of all the business processes and the organization is ready to lever this tool.


Evolution cycle of the corporative systems (SAP):


  • Initial implementation of SAP with basic functionality and core integration with other SAP modules. 

  • System stabilization and adoption of the new tool by the organization. Adjustments in the main processes and the incorporation of secondary processes to the business process model.

  • Improvement of the system, extending the system scope to all the areas related. Technology innovations that allow for improvement to the operating efficiency are incorporated.


The specialized Iquant consulting staff helps the company identify and quantify the benefits that can be attained with a proper implementation of the system, corroborating at the same time that the key activities to achieve the outlined objectives have been properly defined. Throughout the project, they will verify that these activities remain aligned with the goals.


SAP implementation

The Iquant professional team has in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the corporative systems (SAP) implementation. Their ability and experience expedite the successful implementation of the following services:


  • SAP implementations with the main functions and the most important integrations: Experience in projects from “start to end” and professionals with the necessary knowledge and methodology for a successful implementation.

  • Extension of the solution to other plants (Roll outs): Ability to efficiently plan and implement the extension of the business process model to other plants/facilities, optimizing time and resources.

Stabilize SAP

Adjustments to strengthen the system utilization


  • Incorporation of main processes: These are key processes which were defined and included in the business process model during the implementation, but the intense use of the system allowed for the identification of enhancement opportunities.  It is always convenient to apply these adjustments before the beginning of other larger system improvements. 

  • Incorporation of secondary processes: These are processes which were not included in the business process model during implementation because they were given a lower priority.

  • Usability: Increase the usage rate of the most common and operative transactions by simplifying its use.

  • Data depuration: A solid master data base is very important to achieve the  proper organization of the registered data, providing users with information that will be useful to make management decisions.

  • Information System: Definition and development of new operating and management reports.

Improve SAP

Implementation of additional SAP functions:


  • System scope extension: The system utility is extended to all the related areas.

  • System improvement: Implementation of optional functions and increase of the functionality offered by SAP standard modules.

  • Additional integrations between SAP modules: Implementation of secondary integrations between SAP modules, which are usually implemented progressively as the organization reaches new levels of maturity.


Integrating SAP with other systems/devices:



  • Integrating SAP with other systems: Activate additional interfaces with other non-SAP corporate systems.

  • Technological improvements: Addition of certain technical devices to the business process model, which help the information to flow easily.

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