Vision and Mission


The systematization of EAM processes presents particular challenges which require specific EAM skills.

Only EAM experts consulting firms have their focus on resolving and overcoming these particular features, therefore Iquant assumes exclusive EAM specialization




Using specialization as main lever, add differential value to clients and job satisfaction to their consultants team.
Become an important player in the SAP EAM regional consulting market.

Iquant scope

Iquant has a dominant position in the SAP EAM consulting market in Argentina.
It has also implemented SAP EAM projects in the rest of America, Europe (Italy) and Asia (Arabia).


















With the 2020 expansion plan Iquant aims to become a relevant SAP EAM benchmark in Latin America.
The expansion will rely on its highly specialized and will be enhanced with discounts and guarantees.
The plan includes an increase in the participation of local consultants in the expansion priority countries.

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