EAM consulting services

Consulting firms alternatives

The non-specialized consulting firms, work mainly on administrative systems and have difficulty identifying, weighing and handling the special features of the EAM systems. 


The consulting firms experts in EAM have their focus on resolving and overcoming these  particular EAM features, which allows to refine its methods and deepen their knowledge.


Difficulty at functionality design: The lack of knowledge and/or experience, result in inconsistencies / ambiguities in the model, unnecessary development/extensions and not systematized functions

Consultant team not guaranteed: Staff turnover is common in SAP consulting. Only specialized consulting firms are able to minimize and deal with unexpected departures.

Understanding between users and consultants: Distance or little affinity between consultants and clients, since they don’t handle problematic, terminology and information in common.

Lack of alternatives to enhance the model: The constant exploration of innovative and  reliable solutions is an almost exclusive practice of specialized consulting firms.

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