Sobre iquant

Nosso perfil EAM 

Iquant tem seu expertise em EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) e é líder na região.

Projetos executados pela Iquant nos últimos cinco anos:


  • 200 projetos EAM em 10 países, 3 continentes

  • 90% dos projectos da Iquant são baseados em SAP EAM

  • Indústrias: Electricidade (produção + transmissão + distribuição) - Siderurgia - Petróleo e gás - Varejo – Forestal - Celulose - Painéis - Transporte de Gás - Governo - Alimentos - Química - Engenharia - Construção - Imóveis

Relevant facts

The founding members are experts in EAM processes and systems.



First to innovate in EAM. Iquant executed the first projects in Argentina of MRS, WCM and Work Manager.



As a boutique consulting firm, must actively protect its Track-Record, offering quality results.



Their services are offered directly to companies / clients, not other consulting firms.  Iquant executed major projects in the 2 biggest companies in Argentina (Tenaris + YPF).

Since 2008 until today, Iquant executed multiple IT consulting projects in Techint Group companies (Tenaris, Ternium, TecPetrol, Techint Construcciones, etc).

Iquant worked intensively in numerous IT projetcs within Pampa Energía companies (Pampa Generación, Transener, Edenor, etc)

We feel a strong commitment with the client and the quality of the solutions we propose, design and implement.


The outstanding experience of our professionals results in successful projects with high quality technical results.


Iquant value add in EAM projects


The results of the projects related to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) are significantly better when the consulting team knows the business processes, the organizational aspects, the true potential of the maintenance systems, and the specific characteristics of the EAM projects.


These are some of Iquant advantages for being a consulting firm with a highly developed practice in SAP for EAM:


  • Better use of time: The experience of Iquant’s professionals allows to minimize the introduction period of the staff, where users explain the business, the operative and the benefits the company is seeking with the project

  • Added value in the definition of the business processes: Ability to explain and debate with the users the operative for which standard SAP has been designed, and the variations applied to each industry

  • SAP Experts: In-depth knowledge of SAP modules which support the EAM processes and its integration with other SAP core modules

  • Know-how to solve specific integration problems: Iquant capitalizes the experience of each implemented solution, efficiently solving specific situations where standard SAP does not adjust naturally

  • Track Record: Commitment with the technical quality of each solution that is proposed/implemented and with the client’s project final result

Value add

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